I was just on the Fox News… Check it Out!!

Watch me make my Berry Delicious Parfaits on the Fox News!

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4 Responses to I was just on the Fox News… Check it Out!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jack, Wow, this was just fantastic! You look great, too. I think your hair looks awesome and you look healthy again! Hooray. Keep up the good work – I am still praying for you, your parents and your brother. Love, JA

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi again, I just wanted to say that I have left other comments that I don’t see here. Maybe I am not doing it correctly but the last couple times I tried to send you comments they do not appear and here above it says I am “anonymous” when I have registered before and my comments always showed up under my name prior to the last couple postings…. regardless, I still see your dad at the office and I still pray for all of you…. especially you Jack. Love and hugs, Julie-Ann

    • Jack says:

      Thanks Julie-Ann my family and I soooo appreciate your support and prayers for us. If you sign your name on your comments I will know it came from you… computers don’t always like to co-operate. So glad you think I look healthy again, I’m feeling good too… did you see how curly my hair is now?

  3. Briana Cowgill says:

    thats so cool that you get to be on these interviews and tv shows, its really awesome! hope your having fun :)

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