Booksigning for Twist it up!

On Sunday, January 22nd from 4-7pm at HT Grill, I will be having my first “Official” booksigning for my cook book, Twist it Up.
I’m going to do some cooking before the signing too. My friend Chef Fabio Viviani from Top Chef is coming
to help me out in the kitchen. There’s going to be complimentary appetizers using recipes from my book! Can’t wait to see all of you there!!

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7 Responses to Booksigning for Twist it up!

  1. Julie-Ann Forney says:

    Hi Jack, I’m really looking forward to the book signing! Thank you for already signing my copy. Your dad brought it back to the office for me yesterday and I picked it up last night on my way home. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes and I’m excited to taste some at your party on Sunday the 22nd.
    Hugs, best wishes and prayers for you my little friend.

  2. Briana Cowgill says:

    we cant wait to come!

  3. patti says:

    Hi Jack,
    Wow, what an inspiration you are!! I learned about you from Paula Deen’s Facebook post. My Emilie is 11, first diagnosed with AML in June 2010, relapsed in Nov 2011, hates hospital food (my husband delivers restaurant food almost daily), loves the Food Network and loves to cook. We are presently inpatient waiting for count recovery and will be going to BMT in the next few weeks. I’ll be purchasing your cookbook as soon as we are discharged. Thanks for sharing your story. You are an encouragement to us!!

    • Jack says:

      I can relate to your son… tell him it will be over soon and he will be able to go back to being a regular kid like he was before. I’m still working on putting some weight back on and getting my strength back, next week it will be 5 months since I had my transplant. You feel really yucky for a while, but it does get better. Hope you will be home in record time!!!

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  5. Angelina winder says:

    Just saw u on the Rachel Ray show. Amazing!!! I hope ur book signing can bring u to Salt Lake City. I will be waiting. Good luck ur friend Angelina.

  6. Bri says:

    I love your recipes and I’m hoping to get your cookbook soon!

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