I was on channel 11 Fox News!

Yesterday, I was on the channel 11 Fox News at 5pm. It was lots of fun… I gave them some of my ribs and red potato salad which they LOVED! I got to talk about my book, Twist it Up and my booksigning on Sunday. The day before on Tuesday, January 17th Colleen Williams did an in studio interview with me on California Nonstop News…boy it has been a busy week!!!!

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4 Responses to I was on channel 11 Fox News!

  1. Julie-Ann Forney says:

    Hi Jack,
    I’m sorry I missed you on FOX – but I’m looking forward to this Sunday afternoon!
    See you then.

  2. Sandy Uslander says:

    Jack, It’s wonderful seeing your talent and your wonderful self being shared with the larger world. We will be coming by HT grill to your book signing on Sunday and look so forward to seeing you and Josh and your Mom and Dad – and the whole neighborhood, I’m sure.

    Love, The Uslanders

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jack, It was sooooo Awesome to see you at HT Grill for the booksigning. What a great thing you and your family are doing. I am so proud of you. I also had the opportunity to talk with Josh at my table while having dinner. I wish I saw you on the news the other night. Take care, Love, Lisa Casey

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